Fred is an idiotic, green elephant-like creature with small horns and a love of nachos and frozen yogurt. He lives in the Underworld and first appeared in the episode "Keeper of the Reaper". His dialogue consists mainly of saying his name constantly, spelling it, and saying "yes" at random times, usually the end of a sentence. Most of the time he is an annoyance to the other characters, especially Grim. He speaks in simple English, and likes to spell words, particularly his own name and has trouble when he gets to the "G". He was also one of the characters in the Cartoon Network Yes! campaign with part of the name of it being derived from one of his most common phrases, "Yes".


Catch Phrases Edit

I have to go peepee!

I have to make a poopoo!

Where are the Nachos?

I like frozen yogurt! thumb|300px|rightYes!

Hammer thingys!