Minimandy the sister of Jr. She is Mandy and Grim's daughter,Jack and Sally's niece,Nergal's Jr.'s real daughter and Nergal Sr's granddaughter.She is often called Minnie for short.


She is very kind,caring, sweet, and etc, etc, as long as its something good.Although she seems to have a Lust for Jr. She is religous speaking as she uses words from the Middle Ages.


  • In the comic, Grim Tales, she seems to have a crush on Junior,despite being her brother.An example of this is when she died,before she went to Heaven,she kissed Jr, may mean its her "deepest secret".
  • She is a Nergal Demon like Nergal Jr. and Nergal Sr.
  • When Junior says"'she didn't always look like this" possibly means her appearances may change more than any character in the comic like when she was in her soul form,her zombie-like form,her soul form (the evil version of it,Lust) her human form, her evil form (she wears the young Mandy's dress with the same shoes,but a bit longer socks,despite the young Mandy not wearing socks in the comic but in the series she does),and lastly her Nergal/demon form.